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The extremely cosmopolitan and yet historic capital city of Spain, Madrid attracts travelers from all over the world, as well as immigrants from many parts of Europe, Asia and North Africa, who come together to give the city its colorful and eclectic population. Madrid is a city that is known for its arts and history, boasting some of the finest art museums in all of Europe, including the renowned Prado and the celebrated modern art museum, Reina Sofia. It is also a wonderful city in which to explore historic architecture, and there is no better spot in Madrid to do this than the wide avenue, Gran Vía, where impressive early 20th century buildings line up one after the other on both sides. The first stop on most Madrid travel itineraries is the beautiful Palacio Real, the Spanish Royal Palace. This sprawling palatial complex is one of the city’s most beautiful sites and also one of its largest tourist draws. Many people also travel to Madrid for shopping and nightlife, as well as to experience the unique culture of Spanish tapas, or snack foods, which is abundantly available around the city. Madrid people, or Madrileños as they are known locally, are both business-minded and fun-loving, and as such, Madrid enjoys one of Spain’s largest economies and supports a vibrant nightlife that rivals the best cities of Europe. Madrid has numerous bars and nightclubs, with all sorts to choose from, whether a relaxed tavern or a noisy disco. And shopping is one thing that most Madrid travel itineraries incorporate, as the city is home to both upscale designer boutiques and funky flea markets. When planning Madrid travel, it is important to consider the city’s climate, which is generally arid and hot most of the year, with some rain in the winter. If you do plan to travel to Madrid during the summer months, take care to stay out of the direct sunlight for too long and be sure to keep well-hydrated, as the dry weather can easily take its toll on unsuspecting tourists. Madrid’s extreme weather has led to the persistence of siestas, or afternoon naps. While many modern businesses no longer participate in siesta culture, expect to find small shops, restaurants and markets closed during the hottest parts of the afternoon, as Madrileños go home to escape the heat or while the afternoon away over a glass of wine.


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