Beaches Madrid


Find the best beaches in Madrid

Madrid is an inland city, set right in the center of Spain, so there are really no Madrid beaches to speak of. That said, Spain is generally a beach-goers paradise with hundreds of kilometers of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea in the south and the Atlantic Ocean in the north. Several nearby beach cities are within a few hours from Madrid by train or car.


Located about two hours due south from Madrid, Valencia is a lovely little Mediterranean city with lots of Spanish history and festivity, as well as plenty of beaches. There are four main beaches within the city of Valencia: Playa las Arenas, Playa de Cabanyal, Playa de Malvarossa and Playa de Patacona. The first two comprise the heart of Valencia’s boardwalk life, with lots of small cafes, shops and bars, while the last two are slightly more secluded and tranquil. All make for excellent swimming and sunning beaches.


Though Barcelona used to be quite a distance from Madrid, new high speed train service now speeds people between the two in just a couple of hours, making Barcelona a do-able beach destination from Madrid. Barcelona’s beaches are busy and bright but lack the truly soft sand and wonderful waves of a more remote locale.


Located a small ways southwest of Barcelona, Tarragona is a small town with a whole lot of beach. The coast here is much more secluded than the busy tourist beaches of Barcelona and Valencia, with some amazing bluffs and cliffs, as well as quiet soft sandy beaches that butt quietly up to the azure waters of the Mediterranean. If you are looking for a tranquil beachgoing experience within a few hours of Madrid, Tarragona is one of the better and more accessible spots.

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