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Madrid Restaurants and Cafes

Oh, to eat in Madrid! What a wonderful city with a fantastic tradition of cuisine. Spaniards really know how to eat and aren’t afraid to spend plenty of time doing just that. The obvious start for most beginners to Madrid dining is to sample some of the country’s most famous cuisine: tapas. Tapas are quite simply snack foods served at any time of day to satisfy the Spanish desire for good food, good wine and good conversation. Sampling tapas is no chore, as they are generally severed alongside some of the finest Spanish wines and include delightful warm and cold foods great for making a quick stop into a small meal.

The best way to sample Spanish tapas in Madrid is to simply happen into a tapas restaurant (any time of day or night is fine) and order one or two dishes, or more depending on how many people you are with. If you aren’t sure where to start, try a Tortilla Española, known in English as a Spanish omelette. This egg-based dish is not unlike an omelette or a Spanish-style quiche. A great place to begin your Madrid dining journey is at Bacchus (Avenida Moratalaz 141; +34 913 280 468;, which offers an eclectic menu with a mix of contemporary dishes and traditional tapas favorites. Or, to get a real sampling, you can sign up for the Old Madrid Tapas and Wine Walking Tour (Walks of Madrid; Plaza de la Villa; +34 653 912 879;, which offers an insightful guided introduction to the cuisine of Madrid, including three restaurants, five types of food and five wines to match. Tours cost €59, last approximately three hours and are offered everyday except Sunday evenings.

Madrid’s nightlife, too, is as vivacious as the Spaniards themselves. With plenty of options, from busy discos to relaxed beer bars and sultry wine taverns, you’ll never be without a nightlife option in Madrid. One thing to be aware of is that Madrid’s nightlife starts much later than many European cities - 10 pm is about the earliest that most bars become active. A great place to go for an relaxed, lovely atmosphere is the Moroccan styled Areia (Calle Horteleza 96; +34 913 100 307; Here, rich, velvety red drapes reflect the soft tones of North Africa lanterns and candles glow at the low, pillow-laden floor tables.

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